This is a monthly subscription-style training club for cat owners who want fun, judgement-free support to teach your cats all the fancy tricks!

You will learn how to engage your cat's natural behaviors in a way that's fun and positive for both of you. This program is perfect for cats that pester you relentlessly because they're bored and looking for stuff to do.

On the way to teaching fun tricks that will wow your friends on family, we'll go over animal training basics like what a clicker does and how to use it, how to effectively use food in your cat's training, how how to keep their interest in you for longer than three seconds.

Teach your cat things like sit, down, roll over, jumping through a hoop or even riding a skateboard!

Monthly Club Membership
One Lesson per week
Monthly Club Membership
Two Lessons per week

After you sign up you'll receive an email with a link providing you access to my calendar so that you can start scheduling your lessons!